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Are you a new or existing member looking for documents for a specific plan? Or are you looking at your options and want more in-depth information about services and benefits offered with UnitedHealthcare plans? Let us help you get the information you need. 

Searching for a provider directory, Drug List (Formulary), Evidence of Coverage or other documents for a specific Medicare Advantage, Medicare prescription drug or Medicare Special Needs plan? There's an easy way to find the information you need.

Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug plans send an Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) to members every Fall. The ANOC explains upcoming changes to your plan’s benefit coverage, costs or service area for the next plan year.

Get forms, guides and other helpful plan resources for Medicare Advantage, Medicare prescription drug and Medicare Special Needs plans.

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See all of the UnitedHealthcare and AARP Medicare plans where you live.

Medicare Advantage plan features and benefits


UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans are built with features and benefits designed with members in mind.

Medicare Advantage plan benefits

Take a look at the variety of benefits and coverage choices offered with our Medicare Advantage plans.


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Optum Home Delivery through OptumRx Pharmacy

Does your plan have prescription drug coverage? See how Optum Home Delivery through OptumRx pharmacy, your plan's preferred home delivery service, may work for you.


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Preventing Medicare fraud


Learn how you can help fight Medicare fraud and identity theft.