Health Tip: Ward Off Runner's Knee

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A dull pain in the front of the knee

(HealthDay News) -- Runner's knee describes a dull, aching pain in front of the knee. The injury is more common in runners, soccer players, cyclists, skiers and others whose activities stress the knees.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons offers these suggestions to help prevent runner's knee:

  • Stay physically fit and maintain a healthy body weight. Those extra pounds add more stress to the knees.
  • Always stretch and warm up before any exercise, especially running.
  • If you're upping the intensity of your workout, do it slowly. A sudden increase in your workout can stress the knees.
  • Invest in quality shoes with plenty of shock absorption. Make sure they're in good shape and fit well. Use shoe inserts if you have flat feet.
  • Run in the proper form, leaning forward with the knees bent. Try to run on an even and fairly soft surface.

-- Diana Kohnle
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