Health Tip: Preventing the Return of Pancreatitis

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How you can help ward off a recurrence

(HealthDay News) -- Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, an organ that plays a key role in the body's digestive system.

Although the disease isn't fully understood, here are steps you can take to prevent it from returning, the American Gastroenterological Association says:

  • If your doctor has told you that your illness is related to alcohol, avoid all alcoholic beverages.
  • Eat a healthy diet and avoid foods that are high in fat or very greasy, especially if your illness is related to gallstones. Gallstone-related pancreatitis may require removal of your gallbladder.
  • Talk to your doctor about taking an enzyme supplement that can help your body digest foods.
  • Develop a new meal plan with your doctor to help reduce symptoms and prevent aggravation of the pancreas.

-- Diana Kohnle
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