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Drug Search
Drug Search

Get up-to-date information about all of your medications. Enter a generic or brand name to begin.

Symptom Search
Symptom Search

Symptom Search provides an easy, interactive way to quickly find and research your symptoms and their possible causes.

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Diseases & Conditions
Disease & Conditions

From acne to zinc poisoning, get everything you need to know about hundreds of conditions. Explore causes, symptoms, drugs, tests and specialists.

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Treatment Search
Treatment Search

Explore all of your treatment choices.

Provider Search
Provider Search

Get customized information about the providers and facilities that may interest you.

With the provider search, you can:

  • Search for providers in your area.
  • Compare search results to find the provider that may best meet your needs.
  • Print directory results based on your specific search criteria.
Tools for Healthy Living
Healthy Living Tools

Find tools that help with your fitness and weight management goals.

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Risk Assessment
General Health Risk Assessment

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What is a reference number?

When you register on this site, you are assigned a reference number. This number contains your profile information and helps UnitedHealthcare identify you when you come back to the site.

If you searched for a plan on this site in a previous session, you might already have a reference number. This number will contain any information you saved about plans and prescription drugs. To use that reference number, click on the "Change or view saved information" link below.

You can retrieve information from previous visits to this site, such as saved drug lists and Plan Selector information.