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Oral Nutrition Support

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Oral Nutrition Support

If you are having difficulty getting enough calories or protein in your diet, getting extra nutrition in addition to what you eat is a way to add to your daily intake. This is called oral nutrition support. Oral nutrition support is often a strong shake filled with nutrients that you drink to improve your nutrition. The shakes come in a lot of different flavors and mixtures. They come in powders for mixing or ready-to-use bottles or cans. Depending on the brand and mixture needed, a regular 8-ounce bottle includes nearly 200 calories and around 15 grams of protein. Depending on what you need and what you usually eat, you may want to drink 1-2 cans a day if you are malnourished or at risk for malnutrition. This will greatly increase the quality and quantity of your daily intake. You can buy them in lactose-free and glucose-control mixtures to fit your needs. Oral nutrition support can improve your nutrition status and healing time. It can also help to prevent weight loss and the loss of muscle mass. Please talk with your doctor or health professional if you have questions about oral nutrition support.

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