Epilepsy Risk Factors
Injuries, disease or substance abuse that has an effect on the brain could be considered a risk factor for developing epilepsy.

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Factors that can lead to a higher risk for developing epilepsy include:


Epilepsy can occur at any age however the condition’s onset is most common in young children and individuals over age 65.


Men are slightly more at risk than women.

Family History or Seizures During Childhood

A family history of epilepsy may increase your risk of developing the disorder.

Head Injuries

A head injury can lead to epilepsy. To reduce your risk, practice safety. Always wear a seat belt in a car and remember a helmet when bike riding, skiing, riding a motorcycle, or taking part in other high-risk activities.

Stroke and Other Vascular Diseases

Prevention of potential brain damage includes limiting your intake of alcohol, not smoking, eating a healthy diet, and exercising.

Brain Infections

Infections of the brain can cause inflammation in the brain or spinal cord, which in turn can lead to a foci of brain tissue that is prone to seizure.

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