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Parkinson's Disease risks
Parkinson's Disease

  • Aging
  • Family History of Parkinson's Disease
  • Male
  • Exposure to toxin
  • Hysterectomy
  • Postmenopause
  • Folic Acid Deficiency
  • Vitamin Deficiency
  • alpha-Synuclein
  • Head Injury
  • Caucasians
  • A hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove a woman's uterus. Learn about how it's performed, what its risks are, and what recovery is like.
  • A head injury is an injury to your brain, skull, or scalp. All head injuries should be treated seriously and assessed by a doctor.
  • An epidural hematoma occurs when blood fills the area between the skull and the protective covering of the brain. It usually results from a traumatic injury to the head, and puts you at risk for brain damage or death.
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