Ito Syndrome treatments
Ito Syndrome

Treatments could include:

  • Bowel retraining is a behavior modification program to help people with dysfunctional bowels regain the ability to have normal bowel movements. A complete bowel retraining program has several steps that can help you regain normal bowel function an...
  • Behavioral therapy is a treatment that helps change potentially self-destructing behaviors. It is also called behavioral modification or cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Love, passion, conflict, argument-it's how we relate to each other. It's how we bond and learn about one another. It's how we develop as people and as a family. Whether it is an unexpected illness, bad grades, financial difficulties, or arguments ...
  • Stress is a normal response to emotional challenges. But while some stress can be healthy, too much can lead to health problems. Fortunately, it can be managed.
  • Job and workplace stress is one of the biggest sources of stress in today's world. More than 32 percent of Americans cite workplace stress as one of the main stressors in their lives. And that stress extends far beyond the office; the stress from ...
  • You can't avoid stress, but you can work to avoid the situations that cause you the most stress and anxiety. Here are a few suggestions for preventing stress in the first place. Keep a daily journal and record when something causes you undue stres...
  • Until the advent of spray tanning and sunless tanning products, the phrase "healthy tan" was a bit of a contradiction in terms. Tanning with ultraviolet (UV) radiation, whether it comes from the sun or from an indoor tanning bed, is dangerous. Per...
  • We've come to expect a lot of our cosmetics. They should be age defying, glow enhancing, light diffusing, acne fighting, oil controlling, sun protective, color corrective, skin nourishing, antioxidant, hydrating, weightless, kiss proof, long weari...
  • Defining physical beauty is more like writing an essay exam than solving a math problem: There is no right or wrong answer. After all, which is more beautiful-a manscaped metrosexual or a hairy hunk o' burnin' love? Waifish hips or a little junk i...
  • Prompt medical attention for eye problems can save vision! Learn about first aid care for chemical burns, foreign objects in the eyes, punctures & blows to the eyes.
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