Infertility causes

Causes could include:

  • nitrofurantoin oral suspension
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • hormone deficiency
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Pelvic Infection
  • Environmental Pollutants
  • spironolactone
  • cimetidine
  • nitrofurantoin
  • spironolactone oral tablet
  • nitrofurantoin oral capsule
  • Macrodantin
  • cimetidine oral suspension
  • Tagamet
  • nitrofurantoin oral tablet
  • Tagamet Hb
  • cimetidine oral tablet, film coated
  • cimetidine injectable solution
  • Nitrofurantoin Monohydrate/Macrocrystals
  • Nitrofurantoin Macrocrystals
  • Aldactone
  • cimetidine oral solution
  • Heartburn Relief
  • Macrobid
  • Nitro Macro
  • spironolactone oral tablet, film coated
  • cimetidine oral tablet
  • Nitrofurantoin Anhydrous
  • Cimetidine Hydrochloride
  • Nitrofurantoin | isolate
  • Retrograde Ejaculation
  • Furadantin
  • An estimated 15 to 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction and frequent ED can be a sign of a bigger medical problem that needs attention.
  • Statistics regarding impotence and erectile dysfunction are sketchy. As cited by Merck in the Merck Manual for Health Care Professionals, at least 10 to 20 million men in the United States alone suffer from erectile dysfunction. Experts believe th...
  • Impotence is the inability to hold an erection. As a man ages, testosterone decreases, causing changes in his sexuality. This includes loss of libido and impotence, which can result in the inability to gain or hold an erection. Certain medical con...
  • Follicular cysts, also called ovarian or functional cysts, appear on or in the ovary. Filled with fluid, follicular cysts are common in women of reproductive age.
  • Most women will develop at least one cyst on their ovaries during their lives. In most cases, these cysts are painless and cause no symptoms.
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