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Ectopic Pregnancy symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Symptoms could include:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Breast Pain
  • Missed Period
  • Lower Abdominal Pain
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Fainting
  • Low Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Right Lower Quadrant Pain
  • Stabbing Pain
  • Menstrual Spotting
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Abdominal Bloating
  • Abdominal Swelling
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Back Pain
  • Morning Sickness
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Left Lower Quadrant Pain
  • Vaginal Discharge
  • Anorexia
  • Read about the causes of abdominal pain and painful urination, which include STIs, kidney stones, cancer, and more.
  • Fainting happens when you lose consciousness for a short amount of time because your brain isn't getting enough oxygen. The medical term for fainting is syncope, but it's more commonly known as "passing out." A fainting spell generally lasts from ...
  • Pain is a general term that describes uncomfortable sensations in the body, ranging from annoying to debilitating. Pain stems from activation of the nervous system and is highly subjective.
  • Prenatal development starts at conception and ends with the birth of your baby. It takes about 40 weeks or nine months to create a new life.
  • Prevent back pain by protecting your spine and strengthening your back muscles. Learn ways to fight the onset of back pain.
  • When should you see a doctor about moderate back pain?
  • Has your back pain not subsided after practicing pain management techniques? Here are questions to ask your doctor.
  • A fall is an accident that occurs when someone loses his or her balance, trips, or slips and makes contact with the ground or another surface.
  • Feeling lightheaded is a sensation that may precede syncope or fainting. It is usually experienced when in an upright position (standing or sitting). If
    Date:September 30, 2007
  • Lightheadedness is caused by a temporary decrease in blood to the brain. This sensation is usually fixed by lying down and allowing blood to flow to the brain.
  • A decreased appetite occurs when you have a reduced desire to eat. It may also be known as a poor appetite or loss of appetite. The medical term for this is anorexia.
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