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Cystic Fibrosis treatments
Cystic Fibrosis

Treatments could include:

  • Chest Percussion Therapy
  • Endoscopic Airway Clearance
  • Postural Drainage
  • Inhaled bronchodilator therapy
  • Vitamin Supplementation
  • Oral antibiotic therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Lung Transplant
  • Regular Exercise
  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Exercise
  • Oxygen therapy refers to supplemental oxygen given to people with breathing disorders.
  • A lung transplant is a type of surgery that replaces a diseased or failing lung with a healthy donor lung. Learn what it involves.
  • One method that can help a person lose weight is to limit the number of calories taken in through their diet and burn extra calories through exercise.
  • Getting older doesn't mean you need to give up being active. In fact, daily physical activity can improve your health in a number of ways, at any age.
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