Corns and Callosities risks
Corns and Callosities

  • Foot Deformities
  • Bunion
  • Friction injury
  • Diabetes
  • Elderly
  • Farmers
  • Rowboat, device (physical object)
  • Wearing poorly fitting shoes
  • A bunion is an abnormality in the bones of the big toe. It is visible as a bump on the outside of the toe. Bunions occur when the big toe leans toward the other toes instead of pointing straight. This angle produces the bump of the bunion. In some...
  • Living with diabetes can be expensive and medical bills can add up. Crowdfunding money is a great way to cover the cost of diabetes related expenses.
  • Diabetes is a group of chronic metabolic diseases caused by defects in insulin production or function. Advanced diabetes may cause stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, and cramps.
  • When you have diabetes, you must carefully monitor your carbohydrate intake. This includes sugars found in desserts.
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