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Coccidioidomycosis tests

Tests could include:

  • Chest X-Ray
  • History and Physical Exam
  • Coccidioides antibody test
  • Coccidioides immitis Complement Fixation Assay Test
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Culture
  • Fungal Blood Culture
  • Fungal Culture of Sputum
  • Coccidioides Precipitin Test
  • Differential White Blood Cell Count
  • Coccidioides immitis detection (procedure)
  • Coccidioides immitis rRNA assay
  • Coccidioides antibody level
  • Skin test for coccidioidomycosis (fungal infection)
  • Sputum Culture
  • X-Ray
  • A cerebrospinal fluid culture is an important diagnostic test for several conditions, including bacterial and viral meningitis. Learn how it works.
  • Coccidioides precipitin is a laboratory blood test. It is ordered when a doctor suspects that a patient may have coccidioidomycosis (AKA "valley fever"), an infection caused by the fungus Coccidioides immitis. The test is also known as the coccidi...
  • Sputum is the liquid that comes from your respiratory tract when you cough. Learn about what happens if your doctor orders a sputum culture.
  • A sputum culture helps lab technicians find the bacteria or fungi that might be making you sick. Find out what it's used for and what to expect.
  • An extremity X-ray is an X-ray image taken of your extremities (your arms, legs, hands, wrists, feet, ankles, shoulders, knees, or hips). An X-ray is a form of radiation that passes through your body and exposes a piece of film, forming an image o...
  • The rotator cuff is a common spot for injuries. The most common are tears, strains, tendinitis, and bursitis.
  • A kidney, ureter, and bladder (KUB) study is an X-ray procedure that assesses the organs of the urinary system and gastrointestinal system.
  • An X-ray of your skeleton, or all the bones in your body, is known as a skeleton X-ray. Learn about the procedure and why it's used.
  • An X-ray is a common imaging test that can help your doctor view the inside of your body. Learn what it involves.
  • A gastric emptying scan, or gastric emptying study or test, is an exam that uses nuclear medicine to determine how quickly food leaves the stomach.
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