Brucellosis tests

Tests could include:

  • Serology is the science of dealing with blood serum. The serologic test for brucellosis is often simply known as the Brucella antibody test.
  • A bone marrow culture is a laboratory test done to learn if there is an infection in the soft tissue of your bones. Bone marrow is the tissue inside your bones. It is responsible for making: red blood cells white blood cells platelets Red...
  • A complete blood count, or CBC, measures several components of your blood and can help diagnose a broad range of conditions, from anemia and to cancer.
  • A blood culture is a fairly routine test that checks for bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms in the blood. The test is relatively simple for the patient and involves a simple blood draw. A laboratory tests the blood sample and the results ar...
  • The central nervous system (CNS) consists of the brain and spinal cord. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, colorless liquid that surrounds and protects the CNS. It bathes the brain and spine in nutrients and eliminates waste products. It also c...
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