Biliary Obstruction risks
Biliary Obstruction

  • Pancreatic cancer is cancer of the pancreas, an organ that secretes an enzyme that breaks down fats, carbs, and proteins. Pancreatic cancer can obstruct the outflow of bile from the liver and causes yellow skin.
  • Bile duct cancer, or cholangiocarcinoma, is a type of liver cancer that begins in the cells of the bile duct, a thin, tubelike structure that delivers bile from your liver to your small intestines. Bile is a greenish liquid produced by your liver ...
  • Chronic, or long-term, pancreatitis is an inflammation of your pancreas that impairs your body's ability to digest food and regulate blood sugar.
  • Your biliary tract is the path through which the bile secreted from your liver is transported to the first part of the intestine, called the duodenum. A biliary tract biopsy is the surgical removal of tissue or cells from the tract. After the samp...
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