Tofu or Not Tofu?
The health benefits of this soy protein, and creative ways to add it to your daily routine.

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Picture of seasoned Tofu Tofu or Not Tofu?

Timid about trying tofu? Even some fans of its healthy qualities aren't crazy about the bland appearance, taste, and texture, but the nutritional value wins out. Made from the curds of soybean milk, tofu is packed with soy protein and considered a healthy replacement for meat and eggs. At the same time, it's low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Need more convincing? While tofu might taste blah on its own, it readily absorbs the spices and flavors of your favorite recipes, and comes in a variety of textures.

Wok It: Mix diced tofu with your favorite chopped veggies and low-fat, low-sodium sauces to create a healthy stir-fry.

Simmer Down: Dice tofu into cubes and add it to soups and sauces.

Get Grilled: Cut firm tofu into 2-inch-thick slices, brush them with olive oil, sprinkle on herbs, then grill over medium heat for a couple minutes on each side.

Shake it Up: Mix tofu with bananas or tart-sweet raspberries to make a delicious smoothie.

By Lori Storm, Editor
Created on 10/13/2011
Updated on 10/14/2011
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