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Diabetes Care
This chart maps out important recommendations to help you manage your diabetes.

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Diabetes Care

Great work! You want to take control of your diabetes and live a healthy life.

Although managing diabetes can be a lot of work, keeping track of your care may make it easier. The PDF below contains a chart of recommended diabetes care. It tells you what you may need to do, how often you should do it and why it is important.

Remember, these are general guidelines. Be sure to check with your doctor about the care he or she recommends for you.

You can print out the chart and pin it up at home as a quick at-a-glance reminder.

NOTE TO USERS: Clicking on the link below will open a new window in your Internet browser. From that window you may print out your chart. To return to the program, simply close that window.

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By Jennifer Mitchell, Editor
Created on 04/02/2013
Updated on 04/02/2013
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