How to Read Your Medicare Card


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Do you have Medicare, but you’re not sure what kind of coverage you have? Look at your card to help you find out. The examples below will help you identify your card type(s).

If you use only your Medicare card issued to you by the government, you probably have Medicare Part A and Part B (sometimes called "Original Medicare").

If you carry a separate card for prescription drugs, you might have a standalone Part D plan. You could also have a discount card for prescription drugs, but that doesn’t mean you have a Part D plan.

If you use a different card than your Medicare card to pay for your health care, you may have a Medicare Advantage plan.

If you also use a Medicare Advantage card to pay for your prescription drugs, you probably have a plan that includes Part D prescription drug coverage.

If you use a Medicare Advantage card and you have a separate card to pay for prescription drugs, you probably have a Medicare Advantage plan (either a Private Fee-for-Service or Medical Savings Account) with a stand-alone Part D prescription drug plan.

If you still have questions about what type of insurance you have, call the number on the back of your member ID card.