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Caregiver Tips: Medicare Advantage

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Help your loved one by finding the Medicare Advantage plan that works best for them.

Research available plan types

Gather information about health care and prescription drug insurance

If your loved one currently has health insurance coverage, find out what type and who offers it. For example, they may have coverage through a current or former employer. Document the following information:

  • Medicare Claim Number
  • Hospital (Part A) Effective Date
  • Medical (Part B) Effective Date

Gather information about prescription drugs they use

  • For each prescription, note the drug's name, dosage and frequency.
  • Once you have current prescriptions and dosages, check each plan's formulary (its list of covered prescription drugs) to make sure those medications are covered.

Tip: Talk with your loved one's doctor to see if there is a lower-tier drugs for their current medication. Drugs in higher tiers often have alternatives on a lower tier that are approved by the FDA to treat many of the same conditions. These alternatives can have similar clinical effectiveness, at a lower cost.

Find a pharmacy

Find a pharmacy that is available through your plan. You may also want to find out if your plan has mail service pharmacy.

How to find a doctor or facility

Some plans require members to use doctors and hospitals affiliated with the plan (known as the plan’s network). Another type of plan offers members the choice to see non-network providers, typically at a higher co-payment or co-insurance cost.

Understand and compare health plans

Get information on choosing a plan to help determine the features and benefits your loved ones consider most important in a health plan.

See UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans


Get your loved ones enrolled in a plan that may be right for their needs.

See UnitedHealthcare Medicare plans

Learn more about Medicare

If you would like more information about Medicare Parts A and B (sometimes called "Original Medicare") and how Medicare Advantage plans work with the Medicare program, download the Medicare and You resource guide from the official Medicare website.
Medicare and You

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