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Medicare Parts A & B Coverage - Original Medicare

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What is Original Medicare?

Original Medicare is health care insurance provided through the federal government. It is sometimes called "traditional" Medicare.

Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B.

  • Part A helps pay for inpatient care     in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility.
  • Part B helps pay for outpatient care    , such as doctor visits, preventive care and more.

Guide to Original Medicare (Part A & Part B)

Find out more about Original Medicare. What's the difference between Part A and Part B? What's covered and what's not? Do you have to enroll and do you have to pay a monthly premium?

Original Medicare doesn't cover everything.

Many people who choose to get their benefits through Original Medicare also choose to add prescription drug coverage (Part D) and Medicare Supplement Insurance plans offered by private insurance companies.

  • Medicare prescription drug coverage helps with prescription drug costs.

People who choose to get their benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan often get drug coverage included within the plan, so there's no need for a separate prescription drug plan.

What's not covered by Original Medicare?


Most dental care Custodial care    
Routine eye care Long-term care
Routine hearing tests Cosmetic surgery
Most care while
traveling outside the
United States
Most chiropractic services
Routine foot care Acupuncture

What doctors or health professionals can you see?

You can see any qualified provider in the United States who accepts Medicare assignment     and who is accepting new patients. You can receive care in any state or region. Original Medicare offers the same benefits throughout the United States.

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