Make a Payment

Pay your premium in two easy steps

Enter your information to make a one-time online electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment from your checking or savings account. You can find the bank 9-digit routing number and your account number at the bottom of a check, as shown in the image below.

Please note that your payment will process on the date entered. However, it typically takes 1 - 3 business days for this to be reflected on your checking or savings account.

1 Enter amount to be paid*
Payment date Payment amount*
07/14/2014 $
2 Enter bank account information*
Account type*
Routing number*
Account number*
Account holder first name*
Account holder middle name
Account holder last name*

*Indicates a required field


You'll have a chance to review and confirm this information again before submitting your payment.

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Retrieve saved information

You can retrieve information you've entered on previous visits by entering your reference number.

Example : AB123456

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