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Parrot Fever tests
Parrot Fever

Tests could include:

  • History and Physical Exam
  • Psittacosis antibody level (procedure)
  • Chlamydia Pneumonia Antibody Test
  • Chlamydia psittaci antigen assay (procedure)
  • Chlamydia Psittaci Test
  • Chest X-Ray
  • CT of Chest
  • Blood Culture
  • Sputum Culture
  • Irrigation and suction of lung airways to obtain cells using an endoscope
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test
  • liver enzyme level Test
  • A chest X-ray is an imaging test that uses small amounts of radiation to produce pictures of the airways, blood vessels, bones, heart, and lungs.
  • A blood culture is a fairly routine test that checks for bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms in the blood. The test is relatively simple for the patient and involves a simple blood draw. A laboratory tests the blood sample and the results ar...
  • A sputum culture helps lab technicians find the bacteria or fungi that might be making you sick. Find out what it's used for and what to expect.
  • Sputum is the liquid that comes from your respiratory tract when you cough. Learn about what happens if your doctor orders a sputum culture.
  • A complete blood count, or CBC, measures several components of your blood and can help diagnose a broad range of conditions, from anemia and to cancer.
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